The University as an Energy Laboratory: Design and Implementation of an Energy Disaggregation System


Fall 2013 - Spring 2014


An aggregate power signal (such as the one read by building utility meters) may be decomposed into its constituent devices such as refrigerators, computers, televisions, etc. This project team designed and implemented an energy disaggregation system to establish Duke University as a learning laboratory for energy consumptive behavior and smart meter potential. The team partnered with Duke’s Facilities Management Department in both acquiring data for developing and testing energy disaggregation algorithms as well as analyzing those data in order to provide device-level insight to identify new energy- and cost-reduction strategies.

Location: Duke Facilities



Kenneth Morton, Richard Newell, Steven Palumbo, Nicholas Czarnek, Ian Kelly, Abhishek Balakrishnan, Samuel Bursten, Amy Wang


Kyle Bradbury, Leslie Collins, Timothy Johnson


Facilities Management Department

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Buildings, cost reduction, data analysis, Energy, energy disaggregation system, Energy Efficiency, Research