Analysis of Converting Duke Police Fleet to Alternatively Powered Vehicles


Fall 2013 - Spring 2014


Despite contributing only a small portion of total campus greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), Duke University’s Police fleet serves as a visible platform for demonstrating progress toward the University’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2024. However, before the fleet can be modernized, adequate vehicle replacements are needed. By working with the Duke University’s Police Department and Duke’s Sustainability Office, an in-depth analysis of fleet characteristics and officer needs was performed with the intention of identifying suitable alternatively fueled or powered replacement fleet vehicles. By focusing on minimizing lifetime costs, annual fuel costs, and lifetime carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, multiple vehicles and technologies have shown the potential to reduce lifetime fuel costs by over $100,000 and lifetime GHG emissions by 200 tons.




John Culver


Timothy Johnson


Duke Police Department, Sustainable Duke

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Air & Climate, electric vehicles, GHG emissions, hybrid vehicles, Investment & Finance, Transportation