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Educating and empowering the Duke community to create a more sustainable future through social, economic, and environmental change on our campus and beyond.

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High-Impact Sustainably for 2023

January 23, 2023

This story is part of the Sustainable Operations Series

Lowering our individual carbon footprint has never been more important in positively impacting the environment. But that can only be done by understanding why we make the choices we do. How do we make the most impact, and not just do the obvious thing?

Duke's Fuqua School of Business

Duke’s Efforts on Climate Change Start on Campus

September 27, 2022
The university has advanced projects that have made the campus environment more sustainable

A New Orientation Program Gets Student Learning, Community Building Started Early

August 24, 2022
Experiential Orientation has students learning across campus and the region

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How to Become a Green Devil - Students

How to Become a Green Devil - Staff and Faculty