Sustainable Food Sourcing in Higher Education


Fall 2013 - Spring 2014


Food production is one of the most impactful parts of human’s footprint, both on our environment and our social structure. Knowing this, many colleges and universities are enacting sustainable purchasing guidelines and procurement goals in dining services to decrease the negative externalities of food consumption on campus. This study used semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and collection of material culture to evaluate Duke University’s current sustainable food procurement initiatives and to research how peer institutions create and track progress towards sustainable food goals. Based on this research, it was recommended that Duke develop a definition of sustainable food for Duke University in six product categories. Also, Anderson gave broad guidelines for “best practices” in setting and maintaining sustainable sourcing goals in dining services.




Kathryn Swails Anderson


Charlotte Clark


Duke Dining, Sustainable Duke

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Duke Dining, Food & Dining, Policy & Planning, Purchasing and Procurement, sustainable food