Sustainable Duke’s Green Devil intern program aims to advance student leadership in sustainability by bridging the gap between awareness and action while also cultivating a commitment to our future at Duke and beyond. Green Devils work to educate and empower the Duke community to create a more sustainable future through social, economic, and environmental change. They also act as a liaison between the student body, community, and institution to drive systemic sustainability progress and shift campus sustainability culture through education and advocacy efforts.


Green Devils are Sustainable Duke’s paid intern team. The Green Devil internship program offers Duke students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, build professional skills, and make a tangible impact on campus and in the broader community. Project-based positions allow students to engage in real-world problem solving across a diverse range of sustainability topics, which evolve annually based on shifting needs and opportunities. The Green Devil internship program is one of the pathways for Duke students to engage in Sustainability and Climate Applied Learning (SCALe).

Eligibility and Application Process

The application for Green Devils 2024-25 is now open. All* Duke University undergraduate, graduate and professional students actively enrolled in Duke courses are eligible to apply for available sustainability internships, no matter their degree or program of study. Some positions may specify preference for graduate-level candidates, but this will always be indicated on specific role descriptions (*first year undergraduates are not eligible for the Green Devil positions, but are encouraged to apply for our Sustainability Ambassadors program, which will launch in late August).

Explore positions and their full descriptions for academic year 2024-25 here.

To apply, be sure and complete both components of the application (Google Form and Job X Questionnaire 7439) by Friday, July 12th at 11:59pm. Students who do not complete both components of the application will not be eligible for the program. Applications will be reviewed at the end of July and top candidates will be contacted around August 1. Please reach out to Sophia Masciarelli (sustainableduke@duke.edu) with any questions.

Time Commitment and Expectations

Most Green Devil Internships take place over the duration of one academic year (two semesters), unless otherwise stated. 

Green Devils are expected to commit at least 5 hours of work per week (most internships will have 5-10 hours of work per week). However, specific internship positions may require a larger time commitment and there are some positions in which time commitment ranges throughout the year, with greater support needed around large events and other seasonal programs. These expectations will be communicated ahead of time so students may plan accordingly.  Positions that specify preference for graduate-level candidates may have a higher expectation for hours worked per week. Up to 19.9 hours may be permitted depending on the role and may be limited by whether the student has another on-campus paid position. 


Because Green Devil internships are a competitive paid opportunity that many students would be willing to allocate their time to, it is expected that hired interns participate fully in their internship. Understandably, Duke students balance many priorities. Sustainable Duke expects its interns to treat their internship position as a high priority, coming second after a student’s commitment to their academic activities. If an applicant is considering whether they should apply, they should first consider if they are able to prioritize this opportunity over other nonacademic choice activities.

Along with completing tasks associated with specific projects, Green Devils are required to participate in the following commitments:

  • Program Kickoff and Visioning
  • Monthly cohort meetings
  • Supervisor meetings
  • Final presentations
  • Other key responsibilities will be established during the orienting period

Past Project Examples

Devil’s Thrifthouse: A student-run, student-facing thrift store pop-up aimed at diverting clothing and household supplies from the landfill and engaging the community with themes of circularity, shifting the culture of consumption to a more sustainable paradigm overall.

Devil's Thrifthouse on Bryan Center Plaza; crowd shopping
Devil's Thrifthouse on Bryan Center Plaza; crowd shopping

Since it began in 2021, Devil's Thrifthouse has resulted in 5,000+ recirculated items and has engaged hundreds of students each semester.


Headshot of Jessee Steele, Green Devil 2019-2023

Throughout my four years at Duke, Green Devils has provided me unrivaled mentorship, professional support, and the resources necessary to make positive change on campus. I feel so grateful to have grown alongside peers who have not only made me feel understood and respected, but also challenged me to think bigger.

- Jessee Steele, Green Devil 2019-2023

Questions about the Green Devil program? Email Sophia Masciarelli, Sustainable Duke Engagement Coordinator, at asm133@duke.edu.