The Sustainability Ambassadors program is designed to give first-year students the opportunity to build a robust toolkit around interdisciplinary sustainability while functioning to build community and leadership skills among participants. Mentored by Sustainable Duke’s Green Devil intern team, this year-long program allows students to explore topics such as global sustainability, food systems, environmental and energy policy, urban planning, circular economy, and more. Utilizing project management strategies and community based social marketing principles, students emerge from the program as skilled leaders with thorough understandings of environmental issues and the social avenues that can be leveraged to address them.

Apply here by September 15, 2023 to be considered for the 2023-24 cohort.


Sustainability Ambassadors program mission is to develop students into impactful leaders who work together to spread a culture of sustainability throughout the Duke community and empower those around them to grow in their own sustainability journeys.


All students are welcome to participate in this program, regardless of experience or familiarity with sustainability topics. The program begins each fall, where students will be sorted into cohorts with two Green Devil mentors. Each cohort will meet at least twice a month for book-club style discussions of the material and community building. There will also be some (optional but highly encouraged) excursion opportunities throughout the semester to see program topics applied on the ground at Duke and in the Durham community!

Successful completion of the Final Project Proposal will grant students a certificate from Sustainable Duke. Sustainability Ambassadors are welcome to apply to be a Green Devil following their completion of the program.