Green Devils are Sustainable Duke’s paid intern team. This lineup of student leaders work to mentor Sustainable Duke’s first-year Sustainability Ambassador program, spearhead behavior change campaigns and a variety of projects, and work as true change makers for sustainability across campus. 


Advancing student leadership in sustainability, bridging the gap between awareness and action, and cultivating a commitment to our future, at Duke and beyond. Additionally, act as a liaison between the students body, community, and institution through educational efforts and advocacy for systemic sustainability progress.

Application Process

Applications for Green Devil positions open early-fall. All students are welcome to apply, no matter their degree or program of study. Green Devils must commit to a full academic year in the program. Additionally, they must attend biweekly meetings with the team and Engagement Coordinator and any additional programmatic responsibilities laid out at the beginning of the fall. Successful candidates should have excellent written and verbal communication skills, dedication and enthusiasm surrounding sustainability, strong project management skills, and ability to foster and engage communities around these topics. 

Past Projects

Devil’s Thrifthouse: A student-run, student-facing thrift store pop-up aimed at diverting clothing and household supplies from the landfill and engaging the community with themes of circularity.

Students shopping at Devil's Thrifthouse

In Fall 2022, more than 1,000 items were circulated and the pop-up served more than 500 students. 


Zero-Waste Kville: This intervention worked to lessen the footprint of Kville and engage tenters throughout the basketball season by deepening their understanding of personal waste management. 

Student diverting waste from the landfill at Kville

During the 2022-23 basketball season, Green Devils and Kville volunteers diverted hundreds of pounds of waste from the landfill and engaged with dozens of students throughout the season.

Headshot of Jessee Steele, Green Devil 2019-2023

Throughout my four years at Duke, Green Devils has provided me unrivaled mentorship, professional support, and the resources necessary to make positive change on campus. I feel so grateful to have grown alongside peers who have not only made me feel understood and respected, but also challenged me to think bigger.

- Jessee Steele, Green Devil 2019-2023

Questions about the Green Devil program? Email Sophia Masciarelli, Sustainable Duke Engagement Coordinator, at asm133@duke.edu.