ABOUT THE project Library

Four students kneel in a shaded parking lot around a box of potatoes and sort them into bags for a food drive.


The applied learning project library showcases projects that situate Duke University as a living learning laboratory for hands-on sustainability and climate change education.

These projects demonstrate how students, faculty and staff collaborate and address climate and sustainability challenges and opportunities across campus. 

Some projects included in the library took shape through Duke programs and courses other than the SCALe program such as Bass Connections and Nicholas School Master's Projects.



A person stands in front of a pine tree with a tool pressed against the tree trunk to collect a tree core sample while another person watches the process.

Continue a project: Several projects in the library outline recommendations for what could come next in a future phase of the project. If you are interested in building on a past project's work to advance further progress, please reach out to Emily Bilcik.

Let us know about your campus sustainability and climate work! If you have a campus related sustainability project you are working on related to Duke's campus that may be a good fit for this library, please let our team know about it.

Pitch in: Also check out the Campus Needs List. These are hands-on projects at Duke actively seeking student, faculty and staff supporters.

Sustainability and Climate Applied Learning Projects

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