Improving Duke's Green Checklist Certification Programs


Fall 2017 - Fall 2017


The Green Certification Program is a program at Duke University that seeks to reduce on-campus emissions through individual action by providing checklists of action items for green-certifying Classrooms, Dorm Rooms, Labs, Workplaces, and Events. Each of the five programs has its own  checklist curated by members of Sustainable Duke. By providing benchmarks specific to each type of venue, Sustainable Duke helps identify particular ways in which individuals in certain silos of Duke can promote sustainability on campus.

The Green Certification program is one of many similar university programs aimed at reducing emissions/footprints through changing the actions of individuals and their surroundings. If Duke becomes a leader in the certification program, universities may adopt a similar system, creating a ripple effect that can have a great impact on a global scale. Universities have the responsibility to beneficially impact the environment around us, and Duke has the resources to be a leader in the field.

Finally, the program seeks to encourage student action in sustainability. Empowering students to take action can be one of the most effective strategies in encouraging sustainable living on campus and long term. Participating in campus-wide certification programs and initiatives such as Duke Green Devils or the Duke Campus Farm helps students develop leadership skills and work experience while learning the value of sustainability.




Virginia Elena Carta, Remy Kassem, Sharon Liu, Mabel Zhang


Charlotte Clark, Tavey Capps


Sustainable Duke

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