Duke University seeks to make sustainability a part of the educational experience for every student with the goal of every student becoming fluent in climate change and proficient in developing sustainable solutions. There are many ways to live this mission including courses in diverse fields addressing the core concepts of sustainability, research opportunities, and interactions with the campus as a sustainability living laboratory.

Explore Duke's campus as a living learning laboratory

Connect with Sustainable Duke to engage with and develop solutions to real-world sustainability and climate challenges on and around Duke’s campus. Check out the project library of previous projects where students have asked questions, gathered data, monitored changes, experimented with innovations, and piloted solutions. Consider approaching your course assignments, thesis, dissertation, or capstone with a campus sustainability lens.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Emily Bilcik, Sustainable Duke's Assistant Director of CAL Program.

Sustainability Engagement Certificate

The Sustainability Engagement Certificate provides the unique opportunity for undergraduate students to become leaders in a world that has long moved past unlimited resources, a safe climate, stable populations, and continued growth. Through the Sustainability Engagement Certificate, you will achieve a strong interdisciplinary understanding of sustainability by completing courses and experiences around a theme of your choosing. You will have the opportunity to engage with faculty from every corner of campus and professionals across the globe. To learn more about the certificate, please visit the Sustainability Certificate page.