Course Collaborations

The Duke Campus Farm works with faculty and students across wide-ranging disciplines. Students can receive course credit for credit-bearing work in the classroom and on the farm itself. We’re eager to work with highly motivated students to create independent-study courses suited to specific student’s interest. We’re equally enthused to connect with faculty members whose work intersects our own.
Farmworkers of NC Mural Painting
Students in front of the mural they painted for Farmworkers of NC class

A copy of the "We Are All Related" mural hangs proudly at the farm to help students visualize intersections within the food system and the many different ways our farm can build collaboration within the University. Whether you study medicine, computer science, or theology, the farm has something for everyone; we love seeing students making curricular and co-curricular connections in the field and beyond.

Made in collaboration with local artist, Cornelio Campos, Duke Documentary Studies & Cultural Anthropology Professor, Charlie Thompson and students in Thompson’s Fall 2018 Farmworkers in North Carolina, the mural honors and makes visible many complex historical and modern layers of our food system. Click here to learn more about the collaboration. 

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