Greenhouse Gas Impact of Food: Deliberate Dining at Duke University


Spring 2020 - Spring 2020


Studies estimate that 37% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide are from the food system with food production accounting for 25% of all GHG emissions. In order to reduce the impact of the food eaten at Duke University, Duke Dining proposed this project with the goal of answering the following questions:


  • How can Duke measure the greenhouse gas emissions from the Marketplace's dining menus using available purchasing data?
  • How can Duke communicate this information to encourage behavioral change in Duke students, specifically first-year stutdents?

The main recommendations from this project include:

  • Estimate the emissions of the Marketplace dining hall by using GHG estimation tools like SIMAP or Eaternity
  • Incentivize Duke first-year students to use the food carbon emissions calculator to estimate their individual emissions
  • Develop informative posters on the emissions impact of various meals and post them in the Marketplace


Location: Marketplace



Florence Zhao, Sofia Calvo, Natalie Lewis, Juan Rodriguez


Charlotte Clark, Tavey Capps


Duke Dining

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Air & Climate, Campus Engagement, Duke Dining, Education, Food & Dining, GHG emissions, Personal Wellbeing, Purchasing and Procurement, Research, sustainable food