Energy Reduction in Krzyzewski Center for Athletic Excellence and Cameron Indoor Stadium


Fall 2012 - Spring 2013


There is a growing role for sports in the sustainability movement. With the ability to unite people and deliver environmental messages without political motive, sports can play a key role in helping teams and universities to make great strides in reducing their energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. Duke University has set a goal to be carbon neutral by 2024. To help reach this goal I conducted an energy audit of the Krzyzewski Center and a lighting retrofit feasibility study for the courts in the Krzyzewski Center and Cameron Indoor Stadium. This led to recommendations to Duke’s Facility Management Department and the Duke Athletics Department on how to lower energy use. I recommend that Duke Athletics consider using LEDs in the Krzyzewski Center and Cameron Indoor, as they provide considerable energy and maintenance savings, with more appealing payback estimates than alternative lighting options. Duke has the opportunity to pioneer the use of LED lights in indoor performance spaces, making Cameron Indoor as one of the first indoor courts, both in collegiately and professionally, to use LEDs. Additionally, I recommend that Duke Facilities apply window solar films and implement other lighting changes that will improve occupancy comfort in the Krzyzewski Center.

Location: Krzyzewski Center for Athletic Excellence, Cameron Indoor Stadium



Tena Rytel


Emily Klein


Sustainable Duke, Duke Athletics, Facilities Management Department

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