Communicating about Energy in the Triangle: Engaging Students and Local Partners to Improve Household Consumption


Fall 2013 - Spring 2014


Affiliated course: Bass Connections

This project team developed and implemented communication strategies with partners at Clean Energy Durham. Areas of focus included energy education in the public housing and low-income housing sector; community-building and energy efficiency; and connections between water and energy efficiency. This project helped to hone the communication science understanding of team members while simultaneously leveraging student creativity and enthusiasm to bolster the efforts of Clean Energy Durham.

Students: Emily Conner, Drew Howard, Kristina Ronneberg, Sidharth Sharma, Rahiel Alemu, Juanita Hazel, Emily Jorgens, Jennifer Ross, Kelly Shen

Instructors: Laura Richman, Brian Southwell

Client: Clean Energy Durham, RTI International

Location: Durham

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