Climate Action Plan for the Nicholas School of the Environment


Fall 2017 - Spring 2018


It has been nearly 10 years since Duke University's formal commitment to climate action via the creation of the first campus-wide climate action plan, "Growing Green: Becoming a Climate Neutral Campus". As the Duke Office of Sustainability, looks to continue its journey towards carbon neutrality, they are exploring additional avenues to create change. At the same time, the Duke University Marine Lab, based in Beaufort, North Carolina, also has sights set on reducing their campus carbon emission. This study investigates the feasibility of each school creating their own specific Climate Action Plans to supplement the university-wide plan. Furthermore, this study will provide insights into the feasibility of school-specific climate action plans at the university at large as well as provide recommendations for the Nicholas School and the Duke Marine Lab. The results provide an assessment of the greenhouse gas footprint of the Nicholas School and the Duke Marine Lab both long and short recommendations to drive the campus towards carbon neutrality.

Location: Grainger Hall, Duke University Marine Lab



Minho Dominic Lee, Yige Liu, Taylor Price


James Hench, Charlotte Clark, Tavey Capps


Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University Marine Lab, Sustainable Duke

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Air & Climate, Buildings, Campus Engagement, climate action plan, Energy, GHG emissions, Policy & Planning