Bleed Blue, Eat Green


Livestock agriculture plays a significant role in climate change, emitting around 7.1 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gases per year, representing 14.5 percent of all human induced emissions. From life cycle analysis, it is estimated that a vegetarian diet represents half of the carbon footprint of the average meat-eater’s diet.

Image of carbon footprint represented by meat diets to vegan diets. Meat diets are much more carbon intensive.
Photo courtesy of Shrink That Footprint -

Given the impact that diet has on the environment, the DCOI is launching a pilot project in Marketplace, promoting the idea of flexitarianism and encouraging students to include diverse protein sources in their diets. As an incentive for students to participate in the program, the DCOI has teamed up with Duke Dining and Duke Nutrition to fully integrate a stamp-card system (one stamp per vegetarian meal) in Marketplace and reward students who go meatless for each additional vegetarian meal per week, providing a variety of cool swag items as prizes!

How it works?

Students who wish to participate need to first register here.

For lunch, stamps will be located at the cashier desk. If students get meatless meals, they will self-stamp their punch card at the check-out register. For brunch and dinner (breakfast is excluded from the program), there will be two stamping stations across from the dish return area. Students who wish to go meatless for lunch or dinner will stamp their own hands with the Green Devil stamp after swiping into Marketplace at one of these locations depending on the meal. Before exiting Marketplace, remember to stamp your punch card at the cashier's desk for lunch or in front of the dish return area, beside the bulletin board for brunch and dinner.

Once students have fully stamped punch cards, they will be able to trade them in for swag items!

The swag items available are sporks, tote bags, tees, and hoodies!

Note: This program is only available to freshmen at the Marketplace dining hall. Breakfasts are excluded from our punch card system.