Duke's Carbon Offset Projects


The Duke Carbon Offset Initiative (DCOI) operates within the academic environment to generate high-quality offset projects that provide community co-benefits and create educational opportunities. The DCOI performs project accounting in-house, and gathers implementation partners and interested professors to produce high-value offsets that facilitate real-world research for Duke students.

All projects are approached from an iterative perspective, with emphasis placed upon the evaluation and improvement of programs after projects are piloted. When considering whether a project idea makes sense to pursue the DCOI follows this flowchart to help make decisions.

DCOI makes these resources available to help you develop your projects and achieve your climate goals. We are very interested in your project ideas and carbon offset implementation plans – please follow this link to read more about the DCOI’s work as a leader around offsets in the academic community.

Current Projects

The DCOI has developed the following projects:

Loyd Ray Farms
Swine Waste-To-Energy

The first project the DCOI developed was a swine waste-to-energy project located in North Carolina. Loyd Ray Farms has more than 8,000 hogs and the waste that is produced is used to create biogas. This biogas is burned on-site in either a microturbine or flare creating renewable energy and carbon offsets. Learn more...


Photo of energy efficient home
Residential Energy Efficiency

Since Duke University has over 35,000 employees, one way to potentially create offsets is to help make their homes more energy efficient. This project has evolved over the past few years from basic home weatherization to an interactive workshop aimed at both homeowners and renters. Learn more...


photo of people planting trees
Urban Forestry

The DCOI's most recent project type is urban forestry. This type of offset project provides many opportunities to strengthen university and community relationships through partnerships with local municipalities, businesses, and other schools. It is also provides students with the volunteer opportunities in their local community. Learn more...