photo of DCOI presenting about urban forestry offsets
Charles Adair, former DCOI program manager, presenting about urban forestry-based offsets in Charlotte, North Carolina

The Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative (DCOI) is dedicated to developing carbon offset projects to achieve carbon neutrality and unlocking scalable solutions for the academic community at large. The office seeks to demonstrate an integrated approach to carbon offset projects that provides research opportunities and educational value, bolsters relationships will local communities, and fulfills carbon neutrality commitments.

In collaboration with our peer institutions, the DCOI strives to leverage academic resources to develop best practice guidance for carbon offset projects and improve how offsets function within our society. In pursuit of carbon neutrality, the DCOI hopes to build Duke University as the testing grounds for reproducible projects that other schools can replicate in achieving their own goals.

As an office specifically focusing on carbon offsets, the DCOI seeks opportunities to share its experience as a project implementer and its expertise gained from developing protocols and guidance materials within the academic community. The DCOI is happy to provide consultation to improve outcomes for offset policies, programs, and projects at your institution - contact the DCOI by emailing carbonoffsets@duke.edu to learn more.

Ways to Get Involved

Offset Network logo
Offset Network

The Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative (DCOI), in collaboration with Oberlin College, the University of Florida, and Tomorrow’s Climate Solutions, established the Offset Network as a web-resource platform for the academic community to publicize project successes and lessons learned, and foster collaboration to develop carbon offset projects. Learn more about offset projects at other universities by visiting offsetnetwork.org.


graphic of project review process
Peer Review and Verification

In order to encourage universities to work on innovative carbon offset projects, the DCOI helped update Second Nature's guidance on carbon offsets. This includes the potential for peer-reviewed carbon offsets and the DCOI is leading the peer review committee. If you are interested in joining, contact carbonoffsets@duke.edu.