Energy Efficiency Workshop

Photo of Asheville energy efficiency workshop
The DCOI held an interactive energy efficiency workshop hosted by UNC Asheville in January of 2017.

The Energy Efficiency Education Workshop is an employer-based training program designed to leverage employer-employee relationship to improve energy efficiency both at the workplace and at home. The complete curriculum includes a presentation, a home energy handbook, hands-on learning stations, and guidance for employers. The presentation introduces participants to residential energy systems such as heating & cooling, hot water, lighting, and other appliances, teaching them how to identify wasted energy and what to do about it. The workshop engages participants in hands-on activities from practicing air-sealing to using energy efficient gadgets. This experiential learning allows participants to discover and capitalize on their energy-related strengths, helping them to set realistic goals and maximize follow-up actions.

Photo of DIY station
One of the hands-on learning stations is the Messy DIY station. At this station, participants learn about basic weatherization techniques to make their home more energy efficient.


In developing the workshop materials, DCOI has formed numerous partnerships with municipalities and non-profits, including the City and County of Durham and the City of Asheville. DCOI is collaborating with Home Energy North Carolina (HENC), who will lead the Energy Efficiency workshops and offer these training opportunities to Duke and other employers throughout North Carolina.