The Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative (DCOI) builds educational tools and training programs to increase knowledge of carbon offsets within diverse scholastic and professional communities. Knowledge is critical to prompt action on climate change. Through our diverse approaches to offset education, we can reach students, faculty, and staff at Duke and often go beyond the academic community, to train sustainability champions.

The DCOI provides workshops for staff and employees, provides learning opportunities through fun, collaborative channels with our Offset Card Game, and offers trainings to professionals seeking to understand the complex decisions surrounding offset development and purchasing. The workshops and educational games offered by the DCOI fit into the office's overarching strategy to combine climate impact with educational co-benefits. Recognizing that sustainability issues do not stop beyond the campus boundaries, the DCOI aims to engrain sustainable, cost-saving behavioral changes within the Duke community both at home and in the office.

The DCOI developed an employee, residential energy efficiency workshop that is currently administered by Home Energy North Carolina (HENC), a non-profit the DCOI helped to establish, to Duke University and other employers throughout North Carolina. Additionally, the DCOI works with Energy Sage to provide educational materials and connect with certified contractors to make solar installations simple and affordable for interested homeowners.