Carbon Offset Portfolio

Offset Portfolio

DCOI is accumulating a mixed portfolio of carbon offsets that will be applied to Duke's 2024 carbon neutrality goal.  The offsets that are currently in our portfolio have been purchased from the voluntary carbon market as well as verified offsets from projects that DCOI has developed. However, these offsets do not represent all of DCOI's projects as it can take years to decades for a project to create verified offsets. Therefore, there are always projects and offsets in the pipeline which will be added to our portfolio at a later date.

  • Oaxaca Forestry and Avoided Conversion are offsets that have been purchased from the voluntary market. 
  • LRF,  Help My House,  and UCapture are projects that DCOI has partnered on or developed. 

All offsets have been verified by a third party and exist in a carbon registry. Updated April 2020.