Student Programs


Alternative Break Programs

The Duke Campus Farm hosted a hands-on 2-day Alternative Fall Break in October 2017. We created this program as a response to student interest in learning more about the processes involved in small-scale farming. Participants attended introductory workshops on soil health and bed preparation, compost management, seeds and propagation.

Stay tuned for details on Alternative Spring Break 2018


Food for Thought

The Duke Campus Farm encourages undergraduate students looking to support on-campus food programming to connect with Food for Thought (FFT). FFT is a student-run club which works towards social, cultural, and political change to promote a just and equitable food system that protects people, animals, and the environment. FFT (1) connects students to the people and animals that are crucial to our food system, promoting efforts that recognize and uplift the labor of the marginalized bodies on which our food system depends; (2) informs them about the power of food choices and policies; and (3) researches food at Duke to publish to the public. Our work takes the form of informative campaigns, social events, screenings, workshops, social marketing, and publications on our research of campus and local food options. 

Connect with Food for Thought by emailing Shom Tiwari at or Kendall Jeffreys at, or checking out FFT Facebook page


Your Ideas

Are you hosting a cooking demonstration, a workshop about farmworkers' rights, or a film series about food justice? Reach out to see how the Duke Campus Farm can support your work.