Students Jobs

Summer Crew

While we typically hire school year crew at the start of each school year, if you are interested in becoming a student crew, it is never too early to think about applying to become a 2019 summer crew! Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for application to become a 2019 Summer Farm Crew. 


School Year Crew

At the start of each school year, we look for people passionate about food and farm systems to join our Academic Year Farm Crew. We hire up to 10 students across undergraduate and graduate levels and from many disciplinary backgrounds.



Job Details

These are competitive paid positions, 8-10 hours/week, open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at Duke, that run from mid-September to mid-April.

This is a great opportunity to learn about organic agriculture and food systems sustainability on the ground and with your hands.

This job will include

  • Working with the farm’s full-time staff and fellow student crew members to accomplish daily tasks; including planting, weeding, and harvesting sustainably-grown produce;

  • Washing, weighing, and packing produce for our Community Supported Agriculture program and our Duke Dining wholesale accounts;

  • Learning some of the whys as well as the hows of small-scale organic agriculture - this learning takes place both on the job and during biweekly mini workshops;

  • Helping the farm’s full-time staff facilitate open community work days and provide tours of the farm to Duke students, faculty, and staff.