Spring 2021 Co-Learning Lab

Spring 2021 Co-Learning Lab Readings and Authors

"Thank you so much for hosting this learning lab this past semester. I really enjoyed the discussions and met some new and interesting people!"  -  Fall 2020 Co-Learning Lab participant

This semester DCF is excited to offer four Co-Learning Labs. We invite people of all different backgrounds and disciplines to contributee to our discussions of media pieces that allow us to unpack what it means to do food systems work. 

In general, we anchor ourselves in Farming While Black by Leah Penniman which informs us on Black and Indigenous farming pracitces and anti-capitalist frameworks. In each Lab we use the Characteristics of White Supremacy as a starting point to address white supremacy, anti blackness, and anti-indeginious racism in our food systems and in food systems work. 

Our Spring 2021 Co-Learning Labs

  • February 25 - Imperialism On Your Plate
  • March 18 - Seed Soveriegnty 
  • April 8 - Food and Chronic Illness In Partnership with the Chronic Health Conditions Storytelling Group
  • April 28 - Gardens, Lawns and Green Aesthetics 

How to Get Involved

  1. Check out our Spring 2021 Co-Learning Lab Readings
  2. Sign up for our E-mail list
    • This one-time sign up is not an obligation to come to any or all of our labs. This step ensures that you will have access to our zoom links.
  3. Do the readings - or don't!
    • Part of our Co-Learning model is recognizing the knowldge that everyone brings to the table. Even if you don't have time for all the readings we'd still love to learn with you!
  4. Await the Zoom link in your inbox
    • We will send the Zoom link one hour before the Co-Learning Lab