Fall 2021 Co-Learning Lab

"Thank you so much for hosting this learning lab this past semester. I really enjoyed the discussions and met some new and interesting people!"  -  Fall 2020 Co-Learning Lab participant

This semester DCF is excited to offer Co-Learning Labs every Tuesday at 6pm on Zoom. We invite people of all different backgrounds and disciplines to contribute to our discussions of media pieces that allow us to unpack what it means to do food systems work. 

How to Get Involved

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This Week's Readings

This Co-Learning lab is all about mapping power players in global food chains. This topic is broad so we will keep it focused on the huge companies and conglomerates that own and produce seeds and pesticides. We will also discuss the insidious connection between Big Ag and Big Pharma as well as environmental illness and injury.

Below are the readings for this week. There are two readings: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Big Ag and a choice between a podcast and a reading, both from Sins Invalid. More about that below! 

Everything You Always  Wanted to Know About Big Ag - 10 min

Episode 3 "Planetary Whistleblowers" of Into the Crip Universe by Sins Invalid - 25 min

Sins Invalid is a disability justice based performance project led by disabled people of color that incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and LGBTQ / gender-variant artists as communities who have been historically marginalized. The podcast explores the entangled institutions which comprise the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC), and how agribusinesses and big pharma often profit from environmental harms and illnesses they cause.

A Call to Action from Survivors of Environmental injury: Our Canary's Eye View at the Crossroads of Disability and Climate Justice by Mordeci Cohen Ettinger, Health Justice Commons & Sins Invalid from Skin Tooth and Bone Disability Justice Primer

This is an alternative or supplementary reading to the above Sins Invalid podcast. It covers most of the same material but in perhaps a more trackable format, especially if this topic is new for you. It comes from Skin Tooth and Bone Disability Justice Primer, a great resource if you want to know more about Disability Justice.


About Co-Learning Lab

Co-Learning Lab is an effort by AmeriCorps Member and Food & Environmental Education Associate  Abijah Gattis to further Duke Campus Farm's mission to inspire the widest possible audience to create positive change in the food system. 

The premise of Co-Learning Lab is that we all read a brief selection of articles, shows, podcasts, or videos. These are meant to be relatively informal texts in the style of something you might engage with in your free time.

Co-Learning Lab is designed to give folks the opportunity to learn more about food systems and food justice in an informal yet structured environment where you can learn in public and make mistakes.This space is open to everyone. Students, staff, faculty, community members, farmers, future farmers, food workers, people who have formal environmental education who want to know more about food justice, organizers and people interested in social justice who want to expand their work/knowledge to food and food systems, people who want to know more about how food inequality affects them, folks who want to dream big about the future of our food systems with people from diverse backgrounds and opinions.  Labs operate on the idea that everyone has expertise and perspectives to bring to the conversation from life, education, work, and other experiences.

In each Lab we use the Characteristics of White Supremacy as a starting point to address white supremacy, anti blackness, and anti-indeginious racism in our food systems and in food systems work. 

Spring 2021 Co-Learning Labs

  • Sept 14 - Indigenous and Black Land Theft: A brief history of land theft on Turtle Island
  • Sept 21 - Who Ownes the Food System?: Mapping power players in global food chains
  • Sept 21 - Organizers in Global Food Systems

How Co-Learning Lab Communications Work

On Thursdays will send a reminder and post here on our website the "reading" materials for the following Tuesday.

On Mondays we will post the zoom link on here our website and email it to those who signed up for reminders

On Tuesdays at 6pm we will meet on zoom, discuss the readings, connect what we learned to the Characteristics of White Supremacy and reflect on next steps. 

After the Zoom we will send participants a survey and links to materials and readings participants suggested during the Lab.