Faculty Collaborations


Please consider the Duke Campus Farm and its faculty enthusiastic collaborators in your teaching and research, whether you bring your students out to the farm, whether the farm comes to your classroom, or whether the farm becomes your classroom.

Beyond food, food systems, and sustainable agriculture, we’re particularly interested in the following topic areas: 

  • land history/plantation history/environmental history
  • cotton, tobacco and other Columbian exchange crops or African diasporic crops
  • food justice/food access
  • the Farm Bill and food and ag policy
  • waste, compost, waste studies
  • (farm) systems thinking and critical food studies
  • wilderness ethic and new agrarianism
  • pastoral/georgic as literary modes
  • environmental arts – photography, nature writing.

We're sure you can think of many more - we welcome your ideas, thoughts, and collaboration on these or other topics.

Community Workday(s) as Course Credit

If you are asking your students to come to one of our regularly scheduled workdays as a requirement for your class, or if you’re considering a new collaboration, please fill out and return this simple Memorandum of Understanding to Dr. Saskia Cornes, saskia.cornes@duke.edu. This helps us ensure the best experience for your students, and also to track collaborations for funding purposes.