green event certification

Bleed Blue, Meet Green with Green Event Certification, which  gives students, staff, and faculty the chance to showcase their commitment to sustainability with others on campus and visitors to Duke.

What is Green Event Certification?

Sustainable Duke offers a Qualtrics-based checklist of items (PDF Version) to certify an event. In order to receive Green Event Certification your team must achieve at least 16 of 20 total checklist items. If a certain requirement is not applicable, please provide a comment. We appreciate your time and support in completing this checklist to ultimately lessen the footprint of the Duke community and our operations. If you are looking for more detailed information on making your event sustainable, please check out Sustainable Duke's Events Guide. Also, if you're planning on providing SWAG or giveaways, please review our Sustainable SWAG guide

When to certify your event

Sustainable Duke strongly recommends that you consult this checklist at the outset of your event planning to ensure that you are able to incorporate as many checklist items as possible.

The final checklist submission should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of your event so Sustainable Duke can review and provide Green Certification marketing materials.

Why Green Certify your event?

Certified events receive the Green Event Certification logo, which event organizers may use freely on materials related to the event to promote their efforts. Event organizers may also request to use the Duke Green Event banner from Sustainable Duke to display for the duration of their event.