In 2019, the Duke University Board of Trustees and the Campus Sustainability Committee approved an update to the university's original Climate Action Plan. With the full focus of the Campus Sustainability Committee, feedback from over 350 Duke and Durham community members, and collaboration with Duke Facilities and Duke Parking and Transportation, the new plan aims to reduce on-campus emissions by 78% by 2024, with the remaining emissions reduced to zero through investment in carbon offsets.

As the University continues key efforts and embarks on the implementation of new energy, transportation, outreach and emission reduction strategies to meet the 2024 goal, it is increasingly important to integrate campus operational sustainability efforts with the educational mission of the university. This institution, with its focus on innovation, public service and global connections, is uniquely situated to be an example of climate leadership and instill this ethic in all students. If Duke University can harness its faculty expertise and student passion, while offering a concrete example of how a complex institution tackles climate neutrality, it can have far reaching effects on the surrounding community, the region and the world.