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CAL Academic Resource Goals

The Campus as Lab (CAL) program wants to utilize the campus' full potential as an academic resource. Global issues and their potential solutions are taught in classrooms, but often in abstract ways. All major world issues manifest themselves in some form at local levels, and there are buildings, projects, and initiatives at Duke working to combat many of these locally manifested problems. The CAL program seeks to present on-campus sites as potential solutions to current global issues. This provides students with a tangible example of complex topics and facilitates critical thinking about that site. The CAL program teaches students how Duke is addressing various issues on campus, while encouraging students to use their academic knowledge and experience with that site to consider potential improvements. Students who want to test new ideas and implement upgrades to enhance campus site’s functionality should apply for a CAL project grant.

CAL Academic Resources Explained

CAL has created slides for faculty to download and use in their own courses. All pre-made PowerPoints list their internal content in the respective "slide's themes" column. All PowerPoint presentations begin by addressing the relevant concepts in their historical, political, and scientific context. The second half of the presentations are used to show how Duke’s various buildings, programs and initiatives address the slide’s concepts. All of the slides have minimal formatting so that it will be easy for professors to work slides into existing lecture layouts. There may be more information on a slide deck than could be presented in a single class lecture; the PowerPoints are designed so that users can remove unwanted slides without damaging the flow of their presentation.

A “learn more” and “citation page” document can be found In the “additional documents column” for each PowerPoint presentation. The “learn more” document will have specific sources or links pulled out for each of the slides themes. Each of these links is specifically picked because it is a great first resource to learn more about an issue within the presentation. The “learn more” document also contains the necessary information to coordinate a visit, if possible, to the Duke sites mentioned in the slides. The “citation page” will list all of the sources used in the PowerPoint. The citations will also appear under slides within the PowerPoint. Each thematic issue has the relevant citations within the notes of that topic's PowerPoint section.

Every issue can always be examined more. The CAL program does not believe our academic resources are exhaustive. The CAL program encourages users who add their own slides to expand exisiting themes or to add new themes to email those new slides to These slides will be attached to the exisiting CAL PowerPoints so that future users will have access to more robust academic resources!

CAL Pre-made Slides

Slideshow Slide's themes Slide's campus sites Additional documents

Food Production

US Agriculture History, Food Waste, Meat Production, Green Revolution, GMOs, Compost, Hydroponics, Fertilizer and Bureaucratic definitions   Campus Farm, Duke Dining, and Loyd Ray Farms  

Urban Runoff

Stormwater Management, Runoff, Impervious Surfaces, Pollution, Stream Restorations, and Urban Stream Syndrome Duke SWAMP, The Reclamation Pond, Chiller Plant #2, and Medical Green Way