Duke Sustainability Workshops

How to create change at Duke

Bleed Blue and Live Green as a Green Devil Staff Member


Do you want to be a sustainability champion at Duke? Attend or schedule your own sustainability workshop to reduce waste in your office, lab, classroom, or event, save money, and help Duke achieve carbon neutrality by 2024!

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Leading for Environmental Sustainability Workshop

Sustainable Duke offers this free three-hour workshop through HR Learning and Organization Development twice a year. This workshop will provide you with the necessary materials and skills necessary to “green” your office. One member of your department is required to attend in order to get access to the “Green Workplace Certification Checklist.” Topic areas covered in this workshop include but are not limited to; education on Duke’s sustainability efforts, the impact of Duke Faculty, staff, and students on the planet, and ways to reduce that impact to save your office money and while building community around sustainability.

Registration Process:

  1. Go to Your Duke@Work portal
  2. Select the My Career Tab
  3. Select My Learning
  4. Search for Leading for Environmental Sustainability
  5. Click Register for the upcoming workshop

Abridged Leading for Environmental Sustainability Workshop

Is your department considering pursuing Green Workplace Certification? Sustainable Duke is available to come by your next departmental staff meeting to give a 30 minute abridged version of this workshop to get your staff acclimated with sustainability and the workplace certification program. Email sustainability@duke.edu to schedule your workshop!

Topical Workshops

Sustainable Duke offers partnerships on campus with different departments, groups, and programs to highlight sustainability in different sectors. Sustainable Duke is available to come into the classroom to present specifically on Duke Sustainability efforts or subjects related to sustainability covered in your course. Email sustainability@duke.edu to schedule your own topical workshop!

Past topical workshops have included:

  • Making Alternative Transportation Work for You
  • Reuse, Recycling, & Purchasing
  • Energy Water & Carbon Offsets
  • Technology and the Environment