Sustainable Duke's Educational Resources

Sustainable Duke has compiled a list of webinars and presentations to support learning opportunities around the three pillars of sustainability: economy, society, and environment. 

Who is Sustainable Duke?

Sustainable Duke Introduction Videos 

  • The Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative: The Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative (DCOI) was created to help Duke University reach its climate neutrality goal. Since its beginning in 2009, it has developed a variety of innovative carbon offset programs in swine waste-to-energy, energy efficiency, solar, and urban forestry.
  • The Duke Campus Farm:  The Duke Campus Farm is a one-acre working farm owned and operated by Duke University that provides sustainably-grown produce and food systems education for Duke and its surrounding communities. 
  • Certificate in Sustainability Engagement: The Certificate provides the unique opportunity for undergraduate students to become leaders in a world that has long moved past unlimited resources, a safe climate, stable populations, and continued growth.
  • Chilled Water Systems at Duke: Duke has three chilled water plants, over 15 miles of closed looped piping, and a 100-million-gallon reclamation pond to collect run-off water from campus to help cool on campus buildings.
  • Sarah P. Duke Gardens: The on-campus oasis that provides some hidden sustainability features to help Duke Bleed Blue and Live Green.
  • Sustainable Duke's YouTube Channel: Check out more videos and past student projects.

Facing the Anthropocene: Rethinking Humanity's Place In The World 

The Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University with support from the Henry Luca Foundation and led by theologian Norman Wirzba, enaged scholars in conversations surrounding the human impact on the planet. The group examines how political, legal, and economic orders have shaped landscapes and ecologies through global patterns on human habitation and use. 

Duke's Undergraduate Environmental Union: Environmental Justice Symposium 2021

The Undergraduate Environmental Union is a collection of 14 undergraduate environmental organizations and admin affiliates working to promote collaboration and communication within environmental institutions at Duke and Beyond. The Environmental Justice Symposium 2021 featured experts working at the intersection of people, planet, and justice. Speakers from all around the globe bring hope and a new-found appreciation for the scope of the environmental justice movement.  

Duke's Undergraduate Environmental Union: Environmental Justice House Course 

The Undergraduate Environmental Union created a house course focused on the intersection of environmental and racial justice while advocating for grass-roots action in North Carolina. Guest speakers highlight activism and share their work on today's most pressing justice issues. 

Climate Change, Health, and Social Justice Lecture Series 

The Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities, & History of Medicine and the Duke School of Medicine and the Duke Intellectual Community Planning Grant hosted a series of lectures to explore how the climate crisis impacts on health and exacerbates chronic social inequities.