Graduating Green Devil Spotlights

Green Devil Senior Barbara Lynn Weaver
Barbara Lynn Weaver

Major in Biology; Minors in Environmental Science and Spanish

Barbara Lynn has been with the Green Devils program since her first year at Duke and it has enabled her to hone her passion to educate her peers directly on environment science and sustainability. She enjoyed working with Sustainable Duke and her classmates on projects to directly impact student life and change the way people perceive sustainability. One of her favorite memories was one of the all intern dinners where Rebecca Hoeffler, program coordinator of Sustainable Duke, made everyone Pad Thai and the interns sat around the table enjoying an environmentally themed card game. Her projects included installing shower timers in East Campus bathrooms to conserve water, assisted Duke Dining in analyzing the amount of food procured from local sources, and helping design the pilot for Duke Dining's reusable container program. She even got the chance to do an energy audit of boats at the Duke Marine Lab! Barbara Lynn will be starting her position as an Education Intern at the Morris Arboretum in Philidelphia after graduation. 


Green Devil Senior Lara Breitkreutz
Lara Breitkreutz

Major in Environmental Science; Certificate in Documentary Studies

Lara has been with the Green Devils program since her first year at Duke and has gained professional experience implementing sustainability initiatives. Lara used the experience to build relationships within the network of sustainability advocates at Duke at will last even after she graduates. As a freshmen and sophomore, Lara co-developed the Devils Against Disposables campaign which encouraged reusability on campus by promoting the 20% discount on drinks at Duke Dining locations with a reusable mug. She went further to help reduce landfill waste by working with Duke Student Government to implement Zero Waste Kville, a program to ensure compost and recycling were implemented during tenting to foster a sustainable culture on campus. Lara always enjoyed the all intern dinners at the Durham Co-op, which gave her time to speak and mentor younger Duke students in the program by sharing ideas, lessons she had learned, and offering encouragement. Lara is planning for a career in coastal development to help communities plan for resiliency due to over development and climate change. 


Green Devil Senior Krista Stark
Krista Stark

Major in Environmental Sciences

Krista entered the Green Devils program as a senior after being sparked by her interest to use the unique environment of a college setting to engage in effective sustainability initiatives and work collaboratively with both Duke students and Duke administrators. Krista marketed the reusable to-go container program through Duke Dining and designed a website for the Bull City Community Garden, a rooftop garden in Downtown Durham that will provide produce to food insecure senior citizens. She used her great communication skills to co-create a blog on the environmental impacts that are a result of the COVID19 pandemic. Krista enjoyed working with Sustainable Duke and her teammates to enhance her project management skills and explore her creative writing skills through communications work. Krista is planning for a career in sustainable economics through the lens of circular economy and sustainable food systems.