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How to create change at Duke
Bleed Blue and Live Green as a Green Devil


Do you want to educate staff and students at Duke on how to live sustainably? Passionate about rejecting disposability, reducing energy use, and joining the effort to help Duke achieve carbon neutrality by 2024? Join one of the Duke Green Devils Teams!


Duke Green Devils (East)

Green Devils East are crucial to ensuring Sustainable Duke’s mission that all students graduate with a knowledge of sustainability.

First year students are invited to join the volunteer team to get hands on learning experience in project management, communications, and organizational skills. Weekly meetings include snacks and one-on-one check-ins with Green Devil Managers who are hands on in helping Green Devils achieve their goals and develop their programs.

green devils
Green Devils East received an award for being outstanding leaders in sustainability at the 2017 Sustainability Awards Ceremony

Past projects include:

  • Devils Against Disposables: A campus wide campaign to educate students on the discount given at eateries on campus to students who use their reusable mug
  • Green Dorm Room Certification: Green Devils distribute this certification to dorms on East Campus to certify individual dorm rooms as green. The checklist helps students learn and adopt sustainable behaviors to reduce energy and waste consumption.
  • Reusable Bag Program: At the doorway of certain dorms on East Campus, a stand holds reusable bags students can check in and out to go shopping on 9th Street without using plastic bags.
devils against disposables
Tamasha and Lara sharing the Devils Against Disposables campaign on the West Campus Plaza


Duke Green Devils (West)

This 15-member paid internship team for upperclassmen and graduate students is dedicated to making Duke’s campus culture more sustainable through education and outreach with the ultimate goal of reducing the university’s environmental footprint. Green Devils check in once a week with the Sustainable Duke Program Coordinator for support on their projects as well as working with other sustainability staff on campus.

Michael Ong Duke Green Devil


"Green Devils allowed me to take initiative in something I was passionate about and make a difference. I found a group of freshman who shared the same interests as me and made great friends.”

-Michael Ong

Green Devil East (2016/17) and Green Devil West (2017/18)



Past projects include:

  • Behavior Change Stickers: Seen all over campus, these prompts are located at points of interest like water fountains, printers, elevators, and trash bins in order to help staff and students choose the sustainable behavior instead of business as usual. This initiative helps reduce energy and waste consumption.
  • Sustainable Film Series: Every other Friday, Green Devils hosted a film screening of a documentary or educational film on an aspect of sustainability. Screenings included free and local snacks!
  • Green Greeks: A new program at Duke, Green Greeks created a certification for greening a chapter’s house or event to reduce energy and waste consumption. The Green Greek Fund allocates money to chapters looking to install sustainability in their houses.
  • Green Dining Certification: The Green Devils Dining Team created a Duke specific checklist to certify the different vendors on campus to be green.