Duke Green Workplace Certification

photo of green workplace

Bleed Blue, Work Green with Green Workplace Certification, which allows staff to reduce the environmental footprint of their workplace while cultivating community around sustainability. This program trains staff to be sustainability leaders in their department and provides the resources necessary to green your workplace.

Staff who would like to learn more can email sustainability@duke.edu and can request an abridged workshop at their next departmental staff meeting.

What is a Green Workplace?

Sustainable Duke offers a checklist of items to certify a workplace. Departments must complete 40 out of the 58 checklist items are completed. Contact sustainabiltiy@duke.edu to request your departmental workshop to have a member of Sustainable Duke present for 30 minutes on Green Workplace Certification at either a regularly scheduled staff meeting, a lunch break, or another time convenient for your department.

Submit a Checklist

Forming a Green Team

Staff members may decide to form a green team for their office to help evaluate the existing sustainability in their department or incorporate new sustainability practices. There is no requirement to form a green team in order to receive green workplace certification. Some offices may find this useful to bring together staff who are interested in incorporating sustainability in the workplace.

Why Complete Green Workplace Certification?

Departments who complete certification receive certification stickers to display in their workplace. Sustainable Duke will also provide recognition on our website and newsletter to be featured on other Duke Media outlets.