Duke Green Greek Certification

green greek

Starting in 2016, Sustainable Duke began its Green Greek Program. This initiative works to open up opportunities to engage the Greek Life community in social and environmental sustainability.


Green Greek Certification

Interested in “greening” your chapter house or your next event? Complete the Green Greek Certification to reduce waste, energy, and water in your house. The Green Greek Fund exists to help cover the startup and initial costs to greening a chapter or event. The checklist was created by the first Green Greeks at Duke to help others participate in sustainability.

Want your chapter to participate? Join the Green Greeks as the Sustainability Chair for your sorority or fraternity! Sustainability Chairs can initiate the certification process as well as organize Sustainable Suppers!

Sustainable Suppers

Apply to the Green Greek Fund to cover the costs of a sustainable and local supper. During these inclusive suppers that invite the Duke community into your chapter, listen to a sustainability expert from campus talk about different aspects of sustainability and how you can get involved!