Duke Green Event Certification

green event certification

Bleed Blue, Meet Green with Green Event Certification, which  gives students, staff, and faculty the chance to showcase their commitment to sustainability with others on campus and visitors to Duke.

What is Green Event Certification?

Event organizers have completed the checklist to reduce energy and waste in the planning and execution of their program. From reusing name cards to ordering compostable silverware, the checklist helps ensure the event does not have a negative environmental impact while educating guests on sustainable event planning.

When to certify your event

Organizers are encouraged to complete certification at the beginning of their event planning process, as many of the items on the checklist are related to initial planning. At a minimum, please submit your checklist at least two weeks prior to the event.

Why Green Certify your event?

Certified events receive the Green Event Certification logo, which event organizers may use freely on materials related to the event to promote their efforts. Event organizers may also request to use the Duke Green Event banner from Sustainable Duke to display for the duration of their event.