Green Certification

Green Classroom Certification

green classroom


The Green Classroom Certification was created to provide faculty with the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of their courses and classrooms at Duke University while demonstrating eco-friendly behaviors to students.


Green Dorm Room Certification

green dorm room certification


Green Dorm Room Certification is offered by the Dorm Eco-Reps to first year students on East Campus each year. Students complete a questionnaire detailing their daily living habits in areas like energy use and waste and recycling.


Green Lab Certification

green lab


The Green Lab Certification was created to provide research and instructional staff with the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of Duke University's research and teaching labs.


Green Workplace Certification

photo of green workplace


Green Workplace Certification is a program created by Sustainable Duke to help staff reduce the environmental footprint of their workplace. The program helps to train and foster staff sustainability leaders within a department and provides resources to guide the process of greening your workplace.


Green Event Certification

green event certification


Green Event Certification is offered by Sustainable Duke to help you plan your event sustainably. The checklist assists by providing ways to reduce waste from catering, advertising, and transportation.