Duke's Undergraduate Sustainability Certificate

The Sustainability Engagement Certificate provides the unique opportunity for undergraduate students to become leaders in a world that has long moved past unlimited resources, a safe climate, stable populations, and continued growth. Our planet faces grave threats and unprecedented opportunities. Effectively responding to the former, and creatively embracing the latter, requires you to be well versed in the wide-ranging nature of sustainability.

Graphic of the three circles of Duke's Sustainability venn diagram. The three circles represent Society, Economy, and Environment.

The Certificate is designed to facilitate learning and research that confronts the interconnections between environmental, economic, and social aspects of sustainability. Although conceptions of the word “sustainability” often privilege the environmental component of the word, the Certificate is designed to facilitate understanding the importance of all three aspects.

Through the Sustainability Engagement Certificate, you will achieve a strong interdisciplinary understanding of sustainability by completing courses and experiences around a theme of your choosing. You will have the opportunity to engage with faculty from every corner of campus and professionals across the globe. The expertise you cultivate will prepare you to join a multi-sectoral vanguard of professionals achieving a more sustainable future.