Driving Duke to a Cleaner Future - EV Incentive Program Proposal

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Air & Climate
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Duke’s 2009 Climate Action Plan (CAP) has committed Duke to a carbon-neutral institution by 2024 (Sustainable Duke, 2009). In the 2019 Update, Duke’s CAP focused on internal emission reduction strategies, especially on energy usage and transportation, to make sure Duke University strives to reduce emissions by 78% by 2024 compared to the 2007 baseline (Sustainable Duke, 2019). Additionally, the updated plan showed that only transportation emission went up by 24% in 2019 compared to the 2007 baseline, especially the emission from employees’ commuting (Sustainable Duke, 2019). Therefore, Sustainable Duke initiated this study to explore the potential of cutting transportation-related emissions from employees’ commuting by electrifying employee-owned vehicles. This study involves two goals:

  • Proposing and analyzing possible incentive programs for Duke University employees’ Electric Vehicle (EV) purchases
  • Assessing and identifying the need for and locations of charging infrastructure on campus
Sustainable Duke
Nicholas School of the Environment
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Timothy Johnson
Jason Elliott
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Xin Zhang
Yuchen Zhu
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