Careers in Corporate Sustainability

Project Theme(s): 
Campus Engagement
Policy & Planning

Sustainability careers are a professional pathway for students entering the job market that is not only relatively new but is changing rapidly. The DUCC is designed to “serve the Duke community as the comprehensive career center committed to the education and development of the whole person, integrating academic, personal and career development.” The DUCC is undergraduate students’ primary resource to begin their professional path and explore new career paths. Additionally, Duke master's students can take advantage of resources from the CPDC as its mission is to “provide focused assistance with career advice, job search strategies.” Therefore, this project aimed to consider ways that the resources of both Centers could be leveraged to support job searches in sustainability for undergraduate students.

Duke University's Career Center
Nicholas School's Career and Professional Development Center
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Charlotte Clark
Tavey Capps
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Shahrik Punja
Meghna Mahadevan
Alec James
Julian Herron
Corporate Sustainability
Career Pathways