Students Honor Sustainable Dining Options at Duke

Share June 08, 2010Six Duke eateries were recently recognized with the first “Green Dining” awards presented by Sustainable Duke on May 20.

The awards were created by students, who used a scorecard of sustainable practices to determine winners based on criteria like use of local food, educational outreach about sustainable food elements and composting to reduce landfill waste.

The Divinity School Refectory and the Refectory at Duke Law received gold awards with the two top scores. Tommy’s and Joe Van Gogh finished second and were presented with silver awards, while The Marketplace and The Great Hall placed third with bronze awards. Each winning eatery was presented with a plaque made of bamboo.

“Students created these awards to support and recognize Duke eateries who are striving to be more sustainable in their operations and menus,” said Casey Roe, outreach coordinator for Sustainable Duke. “All our winning locations did a great job at using local ingredients, providing vegetarian options and more.”

To determine winners, student employees of Sustainable Duke met with a manager from each eatery to discuss how “green” each location is. Next year, students anticipate creating other green dining awards, such as an award to honor eateries that make the largest strides toward becoming more sustainable.