Campus Sustainability Committee

The Duke University Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC), a standing committee appointed by the President, is responsible for making recommendations to guide campus sustainability policies, championing these sustainability initiatives and communicating them to each member's respective constituencies to foster a more sustainable campus community.

For 2013-2014, the CSC will continue to expand the current Climate Action Plan (CAP) to a broader Sustainability Strategic Plan (SSP), which will include targets and policies regarding other elements of sustainability such as water, recycling/waste reduction, food, supply-chain management and land use. The CSC will continue to monitor and report progress on emissions reductions and other CAP milestones, as well as take steps to engage the Duke community in these efforts.

Subcommittees for the CSC for 2013-2014 are listed below and are open to students, faculty, and staff.  View a description of each subcommittee.  Please contact if you are interested in participating in one of the following subcommittees.

2013-2014 Subcommittees

Energy & Water
Materials Management
Carbon Offsets

2013-2014 CSC Membership

Faculty (14)
William Chameides, Dean of the Nicholas School of the Environment (Co-Chair)
Charlotte Clark, Nicholas School of the Environment
Mark Goodacre, Religion, Arts & Sciences
Jack Soll, Fuqua School of Business
William Pizer, Sanford School of Public Policy
John Albertson, Pratt School of Engineering
Joel Meyer, Nicholas School of the Environment
Tom Taylor, Sanford School of Public Policy
Jim Salzman, School of Law
Justin Wright, Biology
Claudia Gunsch, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Terry Yoshizumi, Radiology
Helen Hsu-Kim, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dan Vermeer, Fuqua, Director Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment

Administrators (20)
Tallman Trask, Executive Vice President (Co-chair)
Tavey Capps, Environmental Sustainability Director
John Noonan, Associate Vice President of Facilities
Robert Guerry, Director, Medical Center Engineering and Operations
Jane Pleasants, Assistant Vice President of Procurement
Chuck Catotti, Director, Event Management
Sam Veraldi, Director Finance, Campus Services
Joe Gonzalez, Acting Director of Residential Life and Housing Services
Tim Profeta, Director of Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
Anne Light, Special Assistant to the EVP
Tatjana Vujic, Director, Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative
Casey Roe, Environmental Sustainability Outreach Coordinator
Jim Siedow, Vice Provost for Research
Mark Hough, Campus Landscape Architect
Rick Johnson, Assistant Vice President of Dining and Residence Life
Albert Scott, Senior Director Housekeeping, Recycling, Sanitation and Grounds
Mike Cragg, Assistant Athletic Director
Leanora Minai, Director of Communications, Office of Communication Services   
Alison Carpenter, Transit Planner
Robert Coffey, Director, Duke Dining        

Students (8)
Aki Ishikawa, Environmental Alliance
Danielle Su, Environmental Alliance
Jill Wu, Duke University Greening Initiative
Kristina Ronneberg, Duke University Greening Initiative
Erin Seybold, GPSC representative
Scott Winton, GPSC representative
John Bowman, DSG representative
Callie Roberts, DSG representative