CAP Recommendations

Below is a list of many of the actions that Duke will undertake as part of the Climate Action Plan (CAP).  Further recommendations are detailed in the complete Climate Action Plan.


  • Shifting on-campus fuel mix from coal to natural gas, biomas, and biogas
  • Tracking Duke Energy's progress toward climate neutrality
  • Expanding energy conservation and green building efforts
  • Pursuing significant on-site renewable energy projects


  • Creating a Demand Management System, which includes incentives for alternative transit
  • Developing campus air travel guidelines
  • Replacing and right-sizing campus fleet
  • Tracking improvements in vehicle and air efficiencies


  • Pursuing transportation and energy reductions aggressively before offsetting
  • Developing and catalyzing authentic, local offsets that will provide significant environmental, social, and economic benefits in North Carolina and the Southeast
  • Using offset experiences as an academic tool and to improve future projects


  • Considering incorporating sustainability into the depth and breadth of the student experience; exploring tactics such as a “mode of inquiry” focused on environmental citizenship, literacy and sustainability or expanding existing efforts to integrate sustainability priorities into recruitment and orientation materials
  • Expanding current peer-to-peer environmental programming


  • Empowering staff and students to monitor and reduce their own carbon footprints
  • Using Sustainable Duke Pledge to align individual's efforts with campus efforts
Further recommendations can be found in the complete Climate Action Plan.