Urban Forestry


The Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative is collaborating with universities, municipalities, and organizations around the United States to plant trees in exchange for carbon offsets. The DCOI developed a carbon offset protocol, which serves as a guide for project development, that is specifically tailored to smaller, urban tree plantings. The DCOI has also partnered with Urban Offsets, a Greensboro-based start-up, to help develop projects with other universities and cities.

Current Projects

The DCOI and Urban Offsets partnered with Wilson, North Carolina, located 75 miles east of Duke University, for the pilot tree planting. This planting of 40 native trees, including hickories and oaks, around the city of Wilson. Over the next 40 years, these trees will sequester carbon, while providing a variety of benefits to the local community. 

If your school or city are interested in developing a similar project, please contact:

Tani Colbert-Sangree at nathanial.colbert.sangree@duke.edu