General Information on Hog Farming and Waste Management

NC State University Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center

At this link you'll find a simple overview of current hog waste management practices along with alternatives to the norm, including the nitrification and denitrification processes. The Loyd Ray Farms waste system includes both nitrification and denitrification processes.

Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators, 2006 Edition
Keith Wiebe and Noel Gollehon, Editor

Provides information regarding agricultural impacts on water quality. It highlights the major pollutants from agricultural practices and the effects it has on water quality. It also includes information on broader agriculture practices and impacts.

High Solids Anaerobic Digester Technology
Compiled by: C.M. (Mike) Williams, Agreements Designee, June 3, 2009

This report gives a technical analysis of a high solids anaerobic digester technology installed and operated at Timber Ridge Farms near Clinton, North Carolina. It analyzes the environmental impact along with economic feasibility to determine if the digester meets the "Environmentally Superior Technology" requirement of the agreement between the Attorney General of North Carolina and pork agribusiness. They find that, "Collectively these results show that the high solids anaerobic digester ("ORBIT") technology as installed and operated under the conditions of this study has significant potential to address environmental and emerging bioenergy issues associated with animal production agriculture; however, the results are not sufficient to achieve unconditional EST status for existing swine farm categories per criteria previously established."