Sustainability at Duke


With more than 30,000 employees, thousands of students, and tens of thousands of visitors, Duke University and Health System generate significant demand for transportation.  Meeting that need requires the use of public transit and alternative modes of transportation. Vehicle use contributes to traffic congestion, high infrastructure costs, and pollution.  At Duke, we are striving to increase the convenience and incentives for commuters using alternative modes of transportation in order to achieve carbon neutrality, preserve green space and prevent congestion. 

Explore alternative commuting options by mode (walking, biking, carpool, etc.) or find suggested commuting options by category: On Campus Students, Off Campus Students, Employees and Visitors.

If you use an alternative method of transportation to get to campus, you can register for GoTriangle's Emergency Ride Home program, ensuring that you will have a free ride home in case an emergency arises.

Duke has received recognition for the infrastructure and incentives provided for alternative commuting, including being named "Best Workplace for Commuters" and "Bicycle Friendly University".