Flexible Work Options

At Duke, we understand the increasing demands that staff members face in their personal and work lives and recognize that their career is just one of the many aspects of their life.  Some flexible work arrangements also contribute to Duke's goal of carbon neutrality by 2024 through reducing greenhouse gas emissions from employee commuting.

Duke has developed formal guidelines to help support supervisors and employees in establishing these arrangements.  The Human Resources website provides information about how to establish flexible work options including telecommuting and compressed workweek schedule. 

Many technologies can assist Duke employees in reducing transportation emissions from commuting, meeting and conference travel. Video and webconferencing resources can keep employees connected while reducing the time and resources required for travel. Most employees can access their Duke email accounts remotely through any web browser, and Duke’s virtual private network (VPN) allows for a secure connection to work files over a remote network.  The Office of Information Technology provides phone guides to help employees forward Cisco VOIP phones to a cell or alternate landline and to access voicemail remotely or through e-mail integration.