Energy use has a significant impact on the environmental footprint of the University. Facilities Management plays an important role in managing the energy and environmental resources of the University.  According to Duke's 2013 greenhouse gas inventory, energy comprises 76 percent of the University's GHG emissions.  As of 2013, 50 percent of Duke’s carbon emissions are derived from the purchase of electricity, while another 26 percent resulted from steam production on campus. Duke’s Climate Action Plan outlines measures to reduce emissions from energy use, such as moving completely off coal for campus steam production, key energy conservation initiatives, and installing solar PV on campus buildings.


Steam PlantDuke Utilities & Engineering Services (DUES) in the Facilities Management Department provides utilities to both University and Medical Center facilities on and around East and West Campus.  Utilities provided include steam, chilled Water, high voltage electricity, water and sewer, and stormwater.  As of April 2011, Duke eliminated the use of coal in steam plants on campus. Duke’s centralized production and distribution of chilled water facilitates electrical and water efficiency, resulting in a 20 percent improvement in chilled water production electrical efficiency compared to a previously decentralized system.  Learn more about utilities at Duke.

Energy Star Policy

Energy Star

Duke's Energy Star Policy ensures that electronics and appliances purchased by the university do not waste energy. Energy Star's high efficiency standards certify that products bearing the Energy Star logo are a wise investment, minimizing energy consumption now and in the future.  Staff, students and faculty can find more information on the Energy Star Policy, and assistance for making Energy Star purchases here.

Past Projects

For decades, Duke University has taken steps towards energy conservation and energy efficiency on campus.  Past projects include the Duke Green Power Challenge and efforts of Duke's award-winning Energy Management Team within the Facilities Management Department.