Eco-Clamshell Program

Diners at Duke can reduce their waste by using an eco-friendly to-go container.  Eco-clamshell containers are made of environmentally-friendly polypropylene and are sold for $5 at The Great Hall.  Eco-clamshells are used in the largest retail location on campus, The Great Hall, as well as The Loop and The Refectory Cafe at Duke Divinity.  When an owner drops off the to-go container to be cleaned and sanitized, he or she receives a keychain token that can be turned in for a replacement clamshell.

The creation of the eco-friendly clamshell program was supported by the Green Grant Fund.  In January 2010, the first 200 containers were given away as an incentive to join the program.

Watch a video about how to buy and use an eco-clamshell.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Tammy Hope in Duke Dining.