Duke Green Devils

Sustainable Duke's Green Devils are first-year sustainability leaders, a part of the national Eco-rep program, that focuses their work on Duke's East Campus.  The Green Devils incorporate the three pillars of sustainability into their programming; environment, economy, and community, by promoting holistic educational events to students on environmental protection, sustainable living, and cultivating community on campus around sustainability.  Each fall, they focus on the Green Dorm Room certification, community building, and breaking down educational barriers to bring sustainability to freshmen students and East Campus.  In addition, Green Devils work closely with sustainability stakeholders and with the West Campus upperclassmen group, Students for Sustainable Living to tackle important sustainability issues on Duke's main campus.  

How to Get Involved 

Apply for our 2016-2017 Green Devil Team! Fill out the application here by 5pm on Friday, September 9, 2016.  This is a un-paid first year program that will build hard jobs skills, analytical and programming skills, and be a ton of fun! 

Requirements and Expectations 

REQUIRED: able to participate in 1 full academic year (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)

REQUIRED: able to attend one weekly group meeting and weekly project team meetings 

REQUIRED: able to present yourself as a role model for sustainability in your dorm and on campus 

REQUIRED: able to commit 1-3 hours each week to the Green Devils Program 

The Green Devils run the Green Dorm Room Certification program on East Campus.  Projects from recent years include a sustainable “tip of the week” in each dorm, an energy conservation event with bike-powered smoothies, a trip into downtown Durham on the Bull City Connector, installing shower timers, an art installation made of recycled cans, as well as other student generated ideas.

The Green Devils program begin as a pilot with Wilson Hall in the spring of 2010 and expanded to all East Campus residence halls in the fall of 2010.